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Expand your true family history with the best researcher in the United States.

Every family has mysteries. Skeletons in the closet that are kept hidden. From hidden births & adoptions to criminal acts. How do you know what happened when you were 2 years old or younger?

What makes me better than everyone else?

I have an expert team that has researched in every county in the USA. We know where all the archives are located. It is critical to go where your ancestors lived. We document with proof about your ancestors. Ask me and I can send you an example, but you must realize every family is different. Oh, and I can access adoption records for you. Nothing is impossible because I know how.
You may have a brick wall problem you can’t solve, yet I have done thousands of projects and have seen your roadblock many times and know I will find the solution. There are new resources becoming available every day. I spend over an hour every morning going over these.

Our Expert Method

We start by proving your information is accurate.
We have spent decades helping clients overcome formidable obstacles, through DNA and other unknown advanced resources not known to anyone other than our team. As an example. We know how to obtain adoption original birth certificates legally. We know the Federal Laws that do this and State Law must yield to Federal Law. What they are, we do not say because Politicians will enact laws that will close these loopholes if these are revealed so we tell no one.
Your Family ancestors are extremely important. You are the sum total of your ancestors together. If one of them never existed, neither would you. So, we see your Family, including your ancestors, as our own ancestors and treat them as our family.
Once we go over the information you provide we will go over everything and give you a report.

Our Pricing

Each research is different, therefore we have a free consultation to get the information and the fees correct. You need to spend money and don’t take shortcuts, because your ancestors are too important.

All projects include travel expenses and accommodations. This allows us to be accurate with your information and is why we have a 95% success rate.

We will unveil Your Unique History

You will receive an in-depth report and we will research the correct records that span up to 500 years, including local records of where they lived and many unknown repositories that average people do not know exist.

Send Us a Request for Your Free Family History Consultation

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  • Include the full maiden name of the individual; please include birth, death, marriage dates, and places of the individual
  • Include the full name of the Spouse and if they were married more than once
  • If you know the parent’s names, please include them
  • Include the locations and approximate times your ancestor lived in those locations

We will reply to your inquiry as quickly as possible. If you want to call us directly to discuss your free consultation, please call us at 202-568-4557.


Key to courthouse archive records

Genealogy charts

Onsite research in Maine

Wichita cemetery records on skins

Court records

Tribal presentation to the government

Tribal presentation to the government 2

Tribal chart

Carlisle Indian School

Chaco Canyon ceremonial kivas

Authentic Cherokee




June 29, 2024